Complaint form

Claim Procedure

Please read the Complaint Procedure if you fulfill conditions for the claim, proceed as description below.

  • 1. Fill in the form

    Please fill carefully the required fields of the form.

  • 2. Assessing a complaint

    Because in many cases it is possible to consider the problem remotely, we will first review your complaint to prevent unnecessary transfers of the products.

  • 3. Product delivery

    After reviewing your complaint, you will receive an email requesting delivery of the product to us, the product can be delivered personally or by the the post.

Claim address

In the case of a complaint or return of goods, please use one of the following addresses.

  • Our main address:

    MMT Slovakia s.r.o - SHOES INDUSTRIES 
    Michalská 6, 81101 Bratislava

* Shipping of goods at your own expense

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